In Russia the situation has deteriorated with obesity

In Russia the situation has deteriorated with obesity

Russia joined the list of countries with a tendency to mass obesity. According to experts, overweight and obesity are observed in half of the country. Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova said that the situation with obesity in Russia is deteriorating.

According to Golikova, in Russia today, obesity affects 26% of women and 14% men. The Vice Prime Minister stressed that in different age categories, these numbers differ.

In turn, the dietitian, the founder of one of the clinics of Moscow Lidia Ionova, said that in fact, the situation with obesity in the
Russia worse. Named Tatyana Golikova figure, in her opinion, need to double and to talk about the fact that almost half of Russians suffers from excess weight and obesity. Speaking of which, the nutritionist said that obesity leads to a large number of diseases and increased mortality.

“If Deputy Prime Minister says that the situation with obesity is getting worse, then became worse. Obesity is what leads to a large number of diseases and expenditures of the state for treatment of these diseases: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and others. Therefore, in most countries there are national programs to reduce the risks of obesity for the population. They were totally different in nature: raising measures, educational projects for children, working with producers, the prohibition of advertising of certain products, some sweets for children”, – shared his opinion of the ions.
Specialists not the first time anxiously discussing the subject of the deteriorating situation with obesity among Russians. In October it became known that in obesity among women, Russia is among five countries – world leaders. Genetic studies have shown that about 40% of Russians have the FTO gene polymorphism – “the sweet tooth gene”, forcing to consume a lot of sugar and be dependent on sweets.

Experts say: obesity occurs because of imbalance between the energy a person consumes and the energy one gets from food. There are types of obesity according to the type of “pear” and type “Apple”. The risk of severe complications associated with the development of diabetes, heart attacks, strokes is much higher in people with obesity, type “Apple”.

Earlier Magicforum wrote that scientists have identified four types of people with obesity.