Heart attacks were more likely to affect young

Heart attacks were more likely to affect young

Not so long ago the heart attack was considered a disease solely of the elderly, but these days, heart attacks often affect young people – they are particularly prevalent in young women. That women of young age were more likely to suffer from heart disease, said experts at the medical College of the University of North Carolina, their arguments are published on Medicalxpress.com.

Scientists-cardiologists analyzed the case histories of more than 28 thousand people hospitalized with a heart attack between 1995 and 2014. They found that people in the age of categoryit 35 to 54 years were more likely to strike heart attacks in the 1990-ies among the younger and middle age suffered from a heart attack were 27%, and by mid-2010 years – 32%.

The study showed that the most intensive growth heart attacks occurred in women, they increased from 21% to 31%.

Experts note that young women, which began to hit the heart attacks, just that category of patients who do not receive a proper examination. Among doctors, according to them, traditionally strong idea of what a heart attack is a predominantly male disease.

Infarction is the necrosis of the heart muscle caused by impaired blood flow. Problems with the blood supply, in turn, can be caused by atherosclerosis, a pathological process associated with the deposition of cholesterol plaques in the blood vessels and arteries.

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