First child born from a donor uterus from a dead woman

First child born from a donor uterus from a dead woman

The world’s first child born thanks to transplanted donor uterus from the body of the dead woman, died and for a year lives with his mother in Brazil. Earlier in births from a transplanted uterus was used organs from living donors, and ten previous attempts to transplant a womb after death, who tried to exercise scientists, was unsuccessful. The doctors who helped make that happen, spoke about the event in the medical journal “the Lancet”.

Recipient of a uterus from a dead woman (45-year-old mother of three, died of a stroke) was 32-year-old Brazilian who was born with a rare heart defect without a uterus in the body. Thanks to transplanted womb she was born a healthy girl. Now the condition of the little girl and her mother also does not raise any concerns.

Delivery took 14 December 2017 in Sao Paulo, pregnancy in a woman with a transplanted womb has been made possible through the method of artificial insemination. She carried the baby for seven months, after that doctors performed a cesarean section. The uterus after the birth of a girl is removed, a woman no longer took drugs to prevent rejection of the donor organ.

Recall that to successfully transplant a womb scientists have learned back in 2000, but the opportunity to become pregnant and give birth to female recipients received. The first healthy baby, gestated in a transplanted uterus was born in 2014. In 2016, the doctors began to attempt a uterus transplant from deceased women. The Brazilians were the first who did it.

As stated by the head of research group doctor of medicine Tommaso Falcone, “the use of such donors is a viable option, and it can provide more organs for transplantation”.

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