Created insoles for the treatment of diabetic ulcers

Created insoles for the treatment of diabetic ulcers

Scientists from Purdue University in USA have developed a special insole for shoes that help to treat diabetic ulcers on the feet. The occurrence of diabetic ulcers associated with high blood sugar that damages nerves and contribute to decreased sensitivity in the feet.

For patients with diabetes characterized by the decrease in the protective forces of the organism. A cut, a scrape, a blister can become a source of serious inflammation on foot can lead to ulceration. Reduction in nerve sensitivity in diabetics due to high sugar contributes to the fact that the damage on the skin unnoticed. In this form ulcers, which heal poorly. The researchers said that to treat diabetic ulcers on the feet effectively with the help of oxygen.

Experts have created insole that contains the reservoirs, which produce oxygen only to the part of the foot where the ulcer. These silicone insoles were previously subjected to laser processing. As a result, each footbed can deliver oxygen to the feet for diabetic ulcers for up to eight hours or more a day for weight 53-81 kgs. However the insole can be “programmed” and the larger the weight, the researchers note.

“Silicone is flexible and has good oxygen permeability. Laser treatment helps to aim the pass oxygen only to the site of the wound, which is experiencing hypoxia, and hit the rest of the foot too much oxygen,” said one of the researchers, Hancza Jiang.
According to the developers, insoles for diabetic ulcers on the feet, provide simulation for a particular patient. Insoles must fit the size of the feet and in accordance with the places of ulcers on the basis of the profile obtained by prescription, as well as the photos stop.

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