Grown Kids Are Pulling This Turkey Prank on Parents With Hilarious Results

Grown Kids Are Pulling This Turkey Prank on Parents With Hilarious Results

Internet prank challenges aren’t just for the young, people. In fact, there’s a Thanksgiving prank sweeping Twitter right now — one that even the most arthritic Gen Xers can get in on if they’ve got a parent on hand who is easily freaked out. (Me: *hand raised high*)

Right now, adult kids are asking parents, “How long do you need to microwave a 25-pound turkey?” and posting the hilarious horrified responses in screenshots on social media. It’s the perfect prank, as this is the time of year many of us need our seasoned elders to walk us through turkey prep. It’s not too late to get in on the prank action, as your folks will be the last to figure out that you’re not in fact planning to kill a dining room full of friends and family with salmonella.

Carlos Fernandez panicked his mom with the prank, and then sealed the deal asking about “salmon and ella.”

Twitter user Dorothy Scales got in on the gag with her mom, ending her plea with a plaintive “Why don’t you believe in me[?]”

Kali’s mom lost her shit completely. I am officially LMAO.

But Twitter user Jehan‘s mom’s response takes the (fully baked) cake.

“Wrap it in tin foil,” Jehan’s mom replied. “Put in microwave. Then go buy a pre-cooked one so you can feed the fire department.” Nice! Talk about a burn.

Also loving Ronnie‘s tweet about the turkey challenge.

This author could not resist attempting the prank on her own easily kerfuffled mother.

I had to trim the fictitious turkey down to 20 pounds because Ma knows the size of my microwave oven. She followed up with a text, “I’m now curious. Will research from my end too.”

Oh, bless her. Now I feel kind of guilty. Better do some actual research on how to get a very brown turkey. Thank goodness for the people at the Butterball Turkey Talk Line. (And sorry, Mom. You’re just so cute when you’re worried.)

This mom, though, wins the challenge.

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