David Beckham Lets Harper Seven Break the Rules on Daddy-Daughter Date: ‘Don’t Tell Mummy’

David Beckham Lets Harper Seven Break the Rules on Daddy-Daughter Date: ‘Don’t Tell Mummy’

Just-for-fun presents. Dessert for breakfast. Sharing laughs and making memories — it’s what daddy-daughter dates are all about! David Beckham recently spent some one-on-one time with his daughter Harper Seven, 10, and the video he posted to Instagram yesterday shows a glimpse into their special day.

The video begins with the former English soccer player looking into the camera. He’s wearing sunglasses, and you can see a bright blue sky and trees filled with red flowers behind him. Beckham, who shares Harper with wife Victoria Beckham, says, “So we came to Chic, Venice, didn’t we Harper?” She responds, “Yup!”

“And what did we buy in Venice, Harper?” Beckham asks. He then moves the camera to show Harper, who’s wearing a sundress and a straw hat with a painted bunny face. Harper is smiling and pulling on the strings of her hat, making the bunny ears dance and her dad laugh. In one hand, she’s holding a yellow-and-white ice cream cone. She looks absolutely delighted!

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Beckham continues, “And what time is it for ice cream in the morning?” Harper brings the cone to her mouth to take a big bite and answers, “Nine.” He clarifies, “Nine a.m. Wow.” You get to break the rules when you’re out with your dad!

“Ssssssshhhhhhh don’t tell mummy 9am Gelato 🍨,” Beckham captioned the photo. “Sorry mummy @victoriabeckham ❤️ creating special memories with #HarperSeven 👒.”

Mom’s always find out (especially when they are tagged in the misdeeds on Instagram!), and Victoria commented on the cute video. The Victoria Beckham Beauty founder, who also shares sons Brooklyn, 23, Romeo, 19, and Cruz, 17, with Beckham, wrote, “Did u bring mummy one of those hats home?!?!” She doesn’t seem upset about the morning sugar rush at all, adding, “I love u both sooooo much!!! X special time with daddy is everything!!! X.”

People were commenting their delight in this fun date, with one person writing, “It’s NEVER too early for Gelato!! 🍧💖🍨” and another saying, “I’m 27 and me and my dad still sneak off on holiday to get ice cream. 😂”


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Beckham also shared gorgeous photos from their trip on his Instagram Stories. In one, he and Harper are both holding ice cream cones and smiling, while Beckham holds up a bright pink fan. Harper is wearing a blue sundress with pink sneakers and her bunny hat, and Beckham is wearing a blue button down shirt with white pants and loafers.

In another photo, they are cuddled up on a gondola, riding along the canals. The next shows Harper in a floral dress and Beckham with a brown jacket over a light blue shirt. The two are all smiles, as the sun sets behind them, giving the sky a golden glow that reflects on the water behind them. “I mean come on” is written over the stunning photo, as well as “love you.” Our hearts are melting!

Next, a blurry shot shows the back of Harper’s dress as she gazes out the window. It’s captioned, “Love you mummy @victoriabeckham.” Beckham also shares more selfies from gondolas, with the father-daughter duo grinning in every one. Harper is soaking up every minute of alone time with her dad.


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Beckham also posted a video to his Instagram Stories, filmed by Harper. She asks, “Daddy why are you showing off?” to which he responds, “Why? Where are we?”

“Venice,” she responds, and Beckham whips out his pink fan and stars fanning himself. “It’s just so hot,” he says.

Harper is definitely spoiled as Daddy’s Little Girl, and it couldn’t be sweeter!

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