7 Minimalist Parenting Tips You Will Want to Steal Immediately

7 Minimalist Parenting Tips You Will Want to Steal Immediately

1. Stop hovering

2. Don’t overschedule

3. You don’t need to entertain your kids

4. Let your kids solve their own problems

5. Declutter your home

6. Be smart about how you treat technology

7. Prioritize self-care

One of the biggest parts of the minimalist parenting lifestyle (and my personal favorite) is self-care. Being a parent means putting your kids first, and all too often that means you slip into the background and vanish. But it’s not one or the other. Your own well-being is just as important as that of your children.

Your kids need you to take the time for some self-care because they need to see how important self-care is. There are a million and one excuses you can use to avoid finding some me time. But here’s the thing — it doesn’t have to be a couple of hours or even one hour. Start by setting aside 20 minutes a day for you. Whether it be for a quick meditation, some yoga or just hiding in the bathroom eating Twizzlers. You do you. Self-care doesn’t have to be expensive either — whatever makes you feel good. Maybe that’s a chocolate bar or a five-minute face mask. Prioritize yourself, and your kids will learn how important it is to take time for themselves.

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