These are the most common causes for bad mouth odor

These are the most common causes for bad mouth odor

For mouth odor, there are different triggers. Responsible for bad breath is the consumption of odorous foods such as onions or garlic, or lack of Hygiene often. Other causes are not only uncomfortable, but dangerous.

In the case of food and lack of Hygiene, the affected Person can provide quick remedy – if you know about it. But in addition to these rather harmless triggers also respiratory and metabolic diseases can lead to inflammation, tumors, and even poisoning, the smell of the mouth. False shame is, in these cases, so sometimes even dangerous.

Often bacteria are the cause for mouth smell

To is 90% the cause of bad breath in the oral cavity itself, he is referred to by doctors as “Foetor ex ore”, which literally means “a bad smell from the mouth”. It is caused by sulfur compounds, fatty acids, and Polyamines, which bacteria in the Decomposition of Food debris and dying cells in the oral cavity.

The small sulfur producers hide, preferably on and between the teeth, poorly fitting dentures, defective fillings, deep periodontal pockets, inflamed tonsils and on the back of the tongue. Here they lurk for their prey in the warm, moist environment is ideal for survival conditions. For, this is a pleasant oasis of well-being of the person makes automatically, by he eats regularly and drinks. The dental care remains then, multiply the voracious settlers explosively, which leads to odorous effluvia.

To The Person

Lutz Spanka is a Master of Science in implantology and dental surgery and orthodontics in the dental center Dr. Spanka colleagues in Hude.


In addition to these sulfur compounds also inflammation, wounds and blood to release unpleasant gases in the mouth. The Patient has to bleeding gums, tooth decay, or periodontal disease, can others smell it. Mouth odor is often a sign of a disturbed oral flora. Therefore, it is extremely important to take care of his teeth properly and regularly as well as to make regular appointments at the dentist, in order to detect serious problems at an early stage.

Stomach problems can cause bad breath

Of a Halitosis Doctors speak, if the bad smell itself is spread through the nasal respiration, although the mouth of the person Concerned, is closed. It occurs when diseases of the digestive system, the respiratory system or the metabolism, as in Diabetes mellitus, are present. In hypoglycemia proteins and fats are increasingly being degraded. The degradation products of the putrid and acidic smell.

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Generally speaking, Affected not to notice the unpleasant smell. Ideally, you ask a Person close to an honest opinion, or ask your doctor for advice. Many practices now offer a bad breath clinic, because openness is the first step to lasting treatment success.