The main advantages of yoga for pregnant women

The main advantages of yoga for pregnant women

A growing number of Russian women during pregnancy attend yoga classes. Experts identify several key benefits of this habit.

Breath. Breath is one of the most important aspects in the practice of yoga, and even more important for pregnant women yoga. Breathing helps to relax the body, and it is very important during childbirth. Learn to breathe correctly.

Preparation for childbirth. Qualified yoga courses for pregnant women always include a lot of useful information for expectant mothers. It is not only breathing, but also the ways to cope better with contractions, the right to relax during and between contractions, as well as to efficiently use energy.

The correct position of the fetus. It is proved that the correct or optimal position of the fetus in the womb leads to less long and painful childbirth. Certain movements of women in the last weeks of pregnancy during yoga can affect the position of the fetus.

The correct sounds. Variations and rhythmic sounds have a physical effect on the body, as if slowing down the nervous system and calming the brain like meditation. To do this, during the course of yoga practice the distinctive sound of “Om”.

Connection. Of course, any yoga is an excellent way to connect with yourself. It is necessary to properly evaluate all aspects of own health and how the child feels on the eve of such an important event in life.

Communication. Almost the best property of yoga – the ability to chat with other moms, to share information, advice, just be friends and enjoy conversations. In such activities quite often you can get mutual support of women. (READ MORE)