Scientists advised not to bury the children in the nose during colds

Scientists advised not to bury the children in the nose during colds

Drops for the nose can easily send a child to the intensive care unit – say, doctors and scientists. Let us understand what is wrong with this tool.

1. Parents do not see the action

Have vasoconstrictive drops usually have a dispenser. Still, doctors say the overdose in children – it is frequent. Why is this happening? Yes, all from-for a carelessness of parents:

  • Don’t understand the difference between the drugs for adults and for children;
  • Buy instead of drops, designated doctor, cheaper counterparts;
  • Keep the tool for years, without paying attention to the expiration date;
  • Forget to read the instructions and drip “by eye”;
  • Accidentally poured four drops instead of one and do not see this as a problem;
  • Buried noses as often as three times a day. It so happens that mom, dad and grandmother begin to treat the child at the same time, not discussing their actions with each other. But in the end the child gets a triple dose of medication.

2. Kids drink a drop

It does happen that kids find drops and drink them. If this happens, immediately call in ambulance: poisoning can cause unpredictable reactions, up to coma.

3. Their effectiveness is not proven

Experts of the British medical journal BMJ do not recommend giving vasoconstrictor nasal drops for children under 6 years. With care they can be used in ages 6 to 12 years.

The fact that there is no evidence that these medications for colds. And their safety, however, remains unclear since no one has conducted clinical trials on children.

Scientists are also reminded that the flu itself is 5-7 days – so much that the body developed antibodies. Any medicine, this process is not accelerated.

4. Side effects are not uncommon

Insomnia, drowsiness, headache, upset stomach, chronic nasal congestion can all occur with your child because of normal drops in the nose. In children under 2 years of age and they can cause convulsions and death.

How to treat the child?

It would seem, should rejoice lovers of all natural: time for inhalations, garlic juice and eucalyptus oil! But here, researchers from the BMJ is not encouraged – there is no sufficient proof that these remedies are effective. Treatment still remains uncertain.

“If parents are concerned about the comfort of your child, the saline solution can be used safely – but it may not bring relief”, – said the expert.

Parents are harmful to the health of their children more often than you think. Especially when trying to make “better”. For example, they put children in a sterile environment to protect from infections. Why is it dangerous? Telling the article the Hygienic fanaticism” causes children cancer”.