Salt contributes to the development of dementia

Salt contributes to the development of dementia

Usually fans of pickles warned about the increased risk of hypertension, but a new study published in the journal Nature Neuroscience, indicates active consumption of salt contributes to the development of stroke and dementia (senile dementia). The data obtained by scientists – another proof that the intestine has some connection with the nervous system.

The researchers conducted a series of experiments with mice that received feed with high amount of salt. This “diet” as I could make sure the specialists who contributed to the development of disorders of cognitive abilities and symptoms of circulatory disorders of the brain.

In particular, the body of animals, which regularly gave salt, intensified the production of interleukin 17 – the chemical that contributes to inflammation. According to scientists, this indicates that “excess salt causes the immune system of the intestine to the signal generation that affect the blood vessels in key parts of the brain.”

Experts added that observed in mice cerebral abnormalities occurred even in the absence of increased pressure.

“We assume that even if we manage to cope with hypertension, which occurs because of a diet high in salt increased the risk of stroke and dementia may still persist,” – shared the opinion of the authors.
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