Russian brand chicken tested for quality and found weights weight

Russian brand chicken tested for quality and found weights weight

The staff of the expert center of the Union of consumers ‘ Roskontrol checked the quality of six popular Russian brands of chicken. The study in the black list were products from two manufacturers.

Specialists conducted a full analysis of the chicken from the brands “Petelinka”, “Troekurovo”, “Chicken Kingdom”, “the First freshness”, “agribusiness”, “the Rzhev compound”. Experts evaluated the fillet on several criteria, including safety, nutritional value, level of fat and freshness.

First chicken were examined for the possible presence of microorganisms and antibiotics, because these two problems are associated with the question of the quality of the meat. The test results encouraging: chicken fillet found no E. coli, no Salmonella, no traces of drugs that are sometimes used by manufacturers of chicken to enhance the growth of livestock.

Check for freshness showed that the most fresh products to the buyer provides the brand of “Miratorg”. Least fresh was chicken from the producers of “the Rzhev compound” and “Chicken Kingdom”. We also found out that almost all of the fillet samples contained on their packaging information about the higher fat content than there actually is an exception to this number was only “Petelinka”.

With regard to the weighting of product weight, in which the carcass is inflated by injection, the test revealed their contents in chicken two brands – “Troekurovo” and the “Chicken Kingdom”.

The study in the black list “Roskontrol” made brands that are artificially weight their products using the injection into it of aqueous solutions – “Troekurovo” and the “Chicken Kingdom”. Chicken other manufacturers is recommended for use.

Chicken is the white part of the sirloin, chicken, the meat is recognized as diet food, it is recommended for people with excess weight. Chicken contains a complex of b vitamins which support a healthy nervous system, regulate the unbalanced metabolism. In addition, chicken is a source of phosphorus, magnesium and potassium – minerals that effectively support memory, circulation, immunity.

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