Probiotics cannot be taken by people with an unhealthy gut

Probiotics cannot be taken by people with an unhealthy gut

Probiotics are the so-called friendly bacteria that help protect the body from infections caused by bacteria or viruses. Supplements with probiotics have become very popular lately. However, scientists from the US said: to take probiotics effectively only to people who have problems with digestive tract – for diseases of the intestines make such additions are impossible.

Probiotics should not take people with unhealthy intestines – inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome. Also these supplements ineffective for obesity, food allergies and celiac disease. This conclusion was made by scientists from the Cockrell School of Engineering the University of Texas at Austin.

Specially designed by experts the “organs on a chip” (this creates a miniature organs) enabled them to track the interaction of probiotics and the intestinal epithelium – the layer of cells lining the cavity of the body from the inside out and protects the entire body of toxins and bacteria the gastrointestinal tract. As a result, the researchers stated that the usefulness of supplementation with probiotics depends on the condition of the epithelium – the positive effect they give is only the case if this layer is not damaged. If on the epithelium are damaged, the beneficial bacteria found in supplements with probiotics can even have a negative effect on the body.

Probiotics must be deliberate, the scientist said.

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