Piercing: is it dangerous?

Piercing: is it dangerous?

Piercing is one of the oldest ways to decorate the body. In Ancient Egypt, earrings in your ears were a symbol of nobility, as in Rome pierced nipples emphasized the masculinity of the warrior. And if tastes differ, then the impact of piercing on the health talk is worth. Because the occupation is unsafe.

The stabbing?

Clearly, needle. She carefully goes through the flesh, and the whole process is fully controlled by the master. The gun instantly rude and totally out of control it breaks. This may damage the vessel and cause severe bleeding.

In addition, the gun cannot be fully sterilized – and therefore, there is always the risk of catching the infection. While the needle piercing device of the individual.

How to choose a masters?

Locate in your town tattoo parlor with a good reputation and medical license. Look at the situation: a good institution, in addition to disposable needles, you will find perfect cleanliness on all surfaces and gloves to the masters. All decorations must undergo processing in an autoclave. Ask about the experience of the master and warn about all of their diseases.

Avoid a Studio that uses to puncture the guns: it says that her employees do not really care about the health of customers.

How a piercing can harm your health?

In General, any foreign object in the body is a stimulus, and sometimes the source of inflammation. So the body trying so hard to get rid of it: the puncture site long time to heal and often fester. But a lot depends on what place you have decided to elevate the shackle and how a responsible approach to this process.

For example, lip piercing often leads to problems with teeth – metal beats of the enamel and leaves microscopic cracks.

Piercing septum can cause nasal septal hematoma: this happens rarely but if happens, the person may even be deformed.

In addition, if you something sick, I will first discuss its decision with a doctor. The piercing is contraindications: blood coagulation disorders, immunodeficiency, tendency to keloid scars.

How to avoid all these risks?

If you have chosen a good master, and all went well, the case for small: to follow all that he says. He will give you a checklist that will be painted how to take care of the piercing.

In addition, you will need to carefully monitor the health and not to miss the scheduled examination. If you got the earring in the language – time to visit the dentist if pierced Clit – gynecologist, etc., However, it is without the piercing does not hurt.

How to choose a professional who you can safely trust the pierced part of the body (and all the others too)? Talk about this article “7 signs of a good doctor”.