Oily and sweet food can destroy the liver

Oily and sweet food can destroy the liver

Scientists have stated that excess fat and sweet foods in the diet can t destroy the liver as cause her irreversible harm – this was reported in the journal Science Translational Medicine. Because Hobbies such food liver accumulates fat, which subsequently eliminates even changing to a more healthy diet.

Researchers have developed a sensor to monitor the accumulation of fat in the liver. It was used in the experiment with mice, which were kept on a diet with a high content of fatty and sweet food, and then translated into a balanced diet. This transition greatly helped to reduce fat accumulation, but residual traces of fat had long been present in the liver.

The scientists noted that fat accumulated in liver cells, may contribute to the development of serious diseases – inflammation, scarring, and liver cancer. Thus, even a short-term passion for sweet and fatty foods can destroy the liver – the body “remembers” this power.

In the US, where a common diet with a high content of fatty and sugary foods, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease affects up to 30% of people, it becomes a serious problem. According to experts, medical therapy for fatty liver disease does not exist. All that doctors can offer patients – to eat better and do more exercise.

“Unhealthy habits coupled with an abundance of sweet and fatty foods is a very bad idea. The liver remembers everything it can to destroy it,” said the study’s lead author Dr. Daniel Heller.
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