Mediterranean diet improves women’s heart

Mediterranean diet improves women’s heart

Researchers from Harvard medical school and Harvard school of public health name of Chan (USA) recommend the Mediterranean diet to women as one of the best for those types of food. Harvard scientists for 12 years, we have been monitoring the health of 25,000 women and concluded that such a diet can improve the condition of women’s hearts.

The Mediterranean diet is characterized by eating primarily vegetables and olive oil, this diet also provides the consumption of complex carbohydrates, natural and lean meat, fresh fish and seafood. Dairy products are allowed, but strictly in moderation.

Harvard scientists found that women Mediterranean diet healthier heart – this type of food reduces the risk they have of developing cardiovascular disease. During the 12 years that lasted the study, the experts analyzed the eating habits of women, with the participants regularly gave blood for analysis. Scientists studied a group of 40 biomarkers related to the development of heart disease.

“The Mediterranean diet with a high content of plant foods and limited amounts of meat and sweets, not only can effectively deal with excess weight, but also reduces by 25% the risk of cardiovascular disease in women,” concluded the authors.
According to doctors, in the course of the observations they were convinced that even small changes related to inflammation, glucose metabolism and insulin resistance, improve heart and reduce the likelihood of disease. To achieve such changes effectively helps power correction according to the type of Mediterranean diet.

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