How to gain weight: best products for muscle

How to gain weight: best products for muscle

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Recommendations for weight gain

What foods will help gain weight?

Every person whether girl or guy wants to have a beautiful embossed body. If about weight loss we talk quite often, the problem of weight gain as something circumvent. It’s time to fix it. Because a fairly large percentage of people suffers from a lack of body weight and can not solve the problem.

In order to gain weight, you need to eat right. Yes, you do not need to uncontrollably devour sweets and other unhealthy foods. This leads to the fact that you gain body fat. But what products will be effective for the muscles, which, by the way, have more weight than fat, will be discussed in our material.

Recommendations for weight gain

When a person is underweight, many are heading to the gym, hoping that self-training or under the control of the coach will help them solve problems. But often you can gain weight not only help physical exercise (and even not so much), and just the right food. Reinforced strength training will certainly help in achieving this goal, but the main emphasis should be made on your diet.

For people who want to gain weight, it is essential to keep a special diet. Very often you can hear from coaches that need “to eat more, especially carbohydrates”. This approach is very unprofessional, and from such adviser will need to run as far as possible. The uncontrolled process of absorption of different high-calorie foods will lead to nutritional disorders, set body fat, and not muscle. The most effective in the issue of weight gain will be “slow” carbohydrates, and organic food with plenty of protein.

It is also important mission. Because the muscles are actually 80% water. Therefore, enough fluid will not only gain weight, but also to find welcome relief.

What foods will help gain weight?

The most effective foods for gaining weight and building beautiful bodies include the following:

Fish. It is best suitable for this purpose the cod, tuna, tilapia, salmon, mackerel. What is the use of these products? The fact that fish is an excellent source of polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids, and amino acids that allow you to properly digest protein. Due to this typed weight, strengthening the muscles.

Milk and milk products. The most effective are kefir, yogurt, curdled milk. They include lactic acid bacteria, which are the helpers of the digestive system. Also kislomolochny a lot of vitamin D and calcium. The latter allows to become the bones and muscles much stronger. But you have to drink milk. Especially in terms of weight useful fat. Moreover, it is a tool that will help to get rid of muscle aches after strength training. On the other methods to do this, read the material the link.

Egg white. In General, eggs are extremely healthy, despite what some nutritionists criticize them for their “bad” cholesterol. The main thing in this question is not to eat more than two yolks a day. But the protein you can eat and more. This will allow to gain weight and muscle. In addition, this product is very a lot of vitamins E, A, D, and a huge amount of protein.

Lean meat. Useful for weight veal, beef, chicken, Turkey. The most effective and a favorite among bodybuilders are considered chicken and Turkey breast, beef and rabbit. Indeed, in the poultry, which is without skin, up to 50% protein. Beef and rabbit are many of creatine, that is acid, which is involved in burning fat and building muscle.

Fruits and vegetables. Of course, they must be present in your diet. The most useful in order to gain weight and muscles are spinach, lettuce, cabbage, asparagus, tomatoes, grapefruits, oranges, apples (better sour), melon and pineapple. They have a lot of fiber, amino acids and vitamins, which, of course, will benefit the body.

Bean products and cereals. This is a great source of slow carbohydrates, protein and amino acids. If you adhere to a vegetarian diet, it is the Foundation of your diet, especially if you want to gain weight and muscle. But don’t be afraid that your diet will be a lot of carbohydrates. Scientists have proved that this component is important for gaining energy and strength, which are necessary for productive workouts.

Spices. Turmeric, soy sauce, ginger — these are components that should be present in the human diet, which tends to gain weight and gain beautiful muscles. They will allow you to burn fat, gain relief and reduce soreness after workouts.

Nuts. Fats — a source of health. It is, of course, about the beneficial fats that are not only in fish, but nuts. Seeds and nuts are extremely good for weight gain and protein synthesis. The body help as vitamin E and other substances. Read more about the benefits of nuts for health, read our article.

Chocolate, marmalade and natural marshmallows. We should not forget about the sweets, but only useful. We are talking about dark chocolate, marmalade and marshmallow and other such nutritious snacks. They will not allow you to swim fat, but will help you gain weight and also to obtain the desired muscles.


Proven that’s not enough, there are three times a day. The body needs more foods and more meals to maintain energy. You should eat five to six times a day: three main intake and a couple of snacks. As a Breakfast perfectly suited to a variety of cereals, fruit, sandwiches, omelettes. For lunch and dinner you can eat meat, vegetables, pasta. And as snacks suitable sweets, nuts, dairy products.

It is also advisable not to eat uncontrollably. Make a feeding schedule for him to follow. Be sure to count your calorie intake and keep a journal. So you will be able to understand which mistakes are made. Maybe you can’t gain weight from eating too little? This is the most common mistake among beginners.

Take the question of food for weight gain very seriously. After all, it is 80% of your success.