Home remedies for neck pain: a pharmacist provides tips

Home remedies for neck pain: a pharmacist provides tips

In order to alleviate neck pain, often simple home remedies. The matching candies and teas, gargling and heat. Pharmacists Marcel Becker explains the most effective home remedies and, as the next neck pain prevents best.

Usually behind the neck of a pathological change in the cervical, mouth and throat pain. This can be triggered by viruses or bacteria. Medically one differentiates between a pharyngeal mucosa inflammation (Pharyngitis), laryngitis (Laryngitis), a classic tonsillitis (Tonsillitis), or Angina, is usually caused by streptococci.

About two to four days after infection with complaints, usually in combination with fever and a swelling of the cervical lymph nodes occur with an Angina neck pain and swallowing. The feel of Swallowing, as if one had eaten sandpaper, it helps to have a smear at the doctor. The finding is positive, to combat the streptococcal bacteria most effectively with Penicillin. Also in the case of a bacterial epiglottis inflammation (Epiglottitis) must be dealt with immediately and a detailed medical history – high fever, hoarseness, and shortness of breath are the companion of this often life-threatening disease.

Usually just a simple cold, however, behind the neck pain. Symptoms such as cough, runny nose and body still in pain, the Patient can go out – even without a doctors visit of of a viral cause.

To The Person

Marcel Becker is the managing Director of the Apovid GmbH. The trained pharmacist is also co-owner of the Munich-based Dr. Beckers Central Apotheke, as well as founder and partner of the Vita-point GmbH.

Home remedies for neck pain

The inflammation of the mucous membrane in the neck of our pain sensors, and the immune system is then treated at Attention. Now it is in the truest sense of the word: Wait and drink tea – and in case of doubt, then, but seek immediate medical attention. Anyone who has a cold and has a sore throat, you should save in any case. Lozenges, teas and gargling solutions that can help to fight the virus, and the mucous membrane to keep it moist.

Mucosa protect

People that strain your voice in anyway by Talk a lot, can prevent a sore throat by the Sucking of Icelandic moss or salt-containing lozenges. The candies make the skin a protective film on the mucous membrane, and thus protect against pathogens and other irritations. The neck hurts still, and other cold symptoms, lozenges with a local anesthetic and disinfectant active ingredient. Herbal products such as sage candy also have a calming effect.

Virus wash away

More effective and efficient gargle solutions. Due to the mechanical movement in the throat, viruses are removed when you gargle and the active ingredients get into areas of the mucosa, the lozenges will not reach. Gurgel is a solution simply by boiling of fresh or dried sage, or the Touch of a salt solution. The solution of coarse sea salt in lukewarm water or Salbeisud should be gargled every two to three hours.

Promote blood circulation

The good old scarf, Drinking tea or inhalation therapy, all have one thing in common: they stimulate our blood circulation and support the immune system in antiviral defense. Heat has a direct effect on our body – inflamed tissue will be better supplied with blood, and the pathogens can be removed faster.

In the case of teas has proven itself, as already mentioned, the anti-inflammatory sage. Its tannins protect the mucous membrane and the contained essential Oils disinfect. But also, ginger, mallow flowers and thyme help in the relief of neck pain – when you taste a spoonful can help of honey. The recovery is also conducive to warm wrap from potato or linseed porridge, or hot compresses soaked in thyme or sage tea. Important: as soon As the heat subsides, you should remove the wrap or a new diaper swap!

Defense mobilize

To mobilize the body’s own defense you should switch a gear down. Supportive to the immune system foods such as honey. The yellow Gold contains anti-bacterial active ingredients. Also ginger has the healthy property: An approximately four-inch long peeled ginger root, diced, drenched with boiling water makes a stimulating tea with honey especially healthy and delicious!

Neck pain prevention

One should not expect miracles of tea, Wrap, and gargle solutions. The home remedies to alleviate all of the complaint’s symptoms, but the most effective is to an active prevention of the common cold time is the most. If you want to avoid neck pain co., you should maintain through healthy diet, regular exercise and adequate fluid intake immune system and strengthen it. Helpful a meticulous hand hygiene is also. Also welcome kisses and hugs erkälteter people should reject it if possible, thanks, also if this can be construed as rudeness.

Neck pain, the patients torment for longer than two weeks are considered as chronic neck pain and in any case require a medical assessment. In addition to complicated course of infections can also cause environmental pollution, such as dust or exhaust fumes chronic neck pain.