Five foods that prevent sleep

Five foods that prevent sleep

If you toss and turn at night in bed and can’t sleep, ask yourself: are there too many in the daily diet of “exciting” food and drink? Scientists say that diet may be a factor that does not normally sleep at night.

Foods that prevent sleep: caffeine. That caffeine invigorates, know everything. But you should also know that the body is inherent to increased sensitivity to caffeine. As well as the fact that the substance is contained not only in coffee but also in tea, carbonated drinks, medications and supplements. Perhaps you consume caffeine and don’t know it.

Foods that prevent sleep: alcohol. People that are characterized by difficulty falling asleep, it is better not to drink alcohol in the evening. Studies show that alcohol use at night provokes more frequent awakenings. Even when good health is better to stick to one glass of wine two hours before bedtime, gave advice to doctors.

Foods that prevent sleep: liquid. Different liquids, consumed in large quantities, make getting up at night to visit the toilet.

Foods that prevent sleep: fermented food. In such food contains the amino acid tyramine, which has the ability to stimulate brain activity. To sleep when it just will not work.

Products that do not give sleep to sour. Increasing the acidity of such foods and spices can cause heartburn and discomfort at night. Eat foods with a high acid content have to stop at least three hours before bedtime.

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