Beans effective for cholesterol lowering in hypertensive patients

Beans effective for cholesterol lowering in hypertensive patients

According to the conclusion of experts of the American dietetic Association, hypertension and increased cholesterol in the blood is very useful to regularly eat beans. It contains substances that are ideal for cleansing of blood vessels and bowel – high blood pressure should daily eat a handful of beans.

Scientists have documented that daily consumption of 120 grams of beans for three weeks improves the rate of cholesterol in the human body by 10%. Experts have called the habit of regularly eating beans a good way to maintain good health if you have problems with unstable pressure, hypertension.

Beans, according to experts, contains a lot of dietary fiber – 20% of its mass. Dietary fiber activates the processes of excretion from the intestine of bile salts and cholesterol. Due to the fact that the beans stimulates the cleansing of vessels from cholesterol deposits, its use improves the condition of people with hypertension

In addition to that contained in the beans fiber can help promote healthy bowel, protecting these organs against the development of tumors, said the experts. The use beans, they are praised as very effective prevention of constipation.

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