A passion for sports can hurt the psyche of men

A passion for sports can hurt the psyche of men

A passion for the sport can hurt men, they provoke the development of mental problems -the conclusion of this was made by scientists from the Norwegian University of science and technology, investigated the problem in collaboration with American experts from Harvard University. Sports often cause people to have unrealistic expectations of their mismatch with reality provokes frustration, depression, and other mental health problems.

The authors of this work found a damage in the sporting men whose training can be a real pursuit of some imaginary ideal muscular body, writes the International Journal of Eating Disorders. Research experts have shown that almost every tenth man, enthusiastically involved in sports, is prone to a mental disorder in which a person of ordinary appearance unduly concerned about her any flaws. Attending the gym men want to look like professional athletes who constantly criticize your body and often by any means seek to build muscle.

The researchers noted that such a passion for the sport can hurt men, causing unpleasant mental effects, contributing to the development of behavioral disorders.

“Men who set themselves unattainable bar, the result are much more prone to alcohol abuse, depression and problems in communicating with other people, as well as unhealthy diets and food additives,” reported scientists discovered about their patterns.
Before, a similar connection between the mind and the passion for the sport was discovered in women: not having through sports perfect figure, about which they dream, women scientists are also at risk of mental health.

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