A daily handful of nuts helps not to gain weight

A daily handful of nuts helps not to gain weight

Daily consumption of small amounts of nuts helps to keep slim and prevent weight gain. This fact was stated by experts at the American heart Association, their article about it was published on the portal EurekAlert.

Cardiologists from the USA we strongly recommend regularly eat nuts to people who intend to lose weight, as well as those who want to maintain the existing slim figure and not put on weight. In addition, nuts are extremely useful for strengthening the cardiovascular system.

Scientists-cardiologists conducted a study on the effect of consumption of nuts on a person’s weight, which was attended by 126 thousand men and women (no chronic diseases). In the result, it was found that daily eating a handful of nuts – about 30 grams – allows you not to gain weight. A portion of the nuts they recommend to replace in the daily menu of the red or processed meat, French fries or chips or desserts.

“People traditionally perceive nuts as a food high in fat and calories, so do not consider them a healthy snack. In fact, nuts are good help not to gain weight and improve overall health,” said study leader Liu Syaoran.
Syaoran added that walnuts contribute to the improvement of blood vessels, thereby enhancing the blood flow in the body. More intensive blood circulation improves metabolism, stimulates the elimination of cholesterol all contribute to harmony, protection from weight gain. In turn, preliminary studies have shown that consumption of nuts improves the intestinal microflora, stimulating the growth of beneficial bacteria, – this circumstance is also associated with protection from increase fat deposits.

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