5 foods that can lead to diabetes

5 foods that can lead to diabetes

Experts in nutrition said that the use of some products leads to sharp jumps in the level of glucose in the blood, and the presence in the diet may develop insulin resistance. In the event of such a breach the body’s cells no longer properly respond to the insulin produced by the pancreas, is diabetes on this background, it can occur very quickly.

Products that can lead to diabetes white rice. This product is greatly processed, therefore there is very little tissue protecting against “surges” of glucose in the blood. According to experts, eating rice more often 5 times a week from many times increases the risk of developing diabetes.

Products that can lead to diabetes: flour. White refined flour is a little different from the white polished rice we are seeing the same sudden rises of blood sugar levels, promote insulin resistance.

Products that can lead to diabetes: sausages. They contain excessive amounts of saturated fats, preservatives, starch and food additives. This combination kills the digestive system, devoid of enzymes for the assimilation of many components, most of which do not exist in nature.

Products that can lead to diabetes and milk. If you drink too much milk, which contains saturated fats, you can quickly acquire your own fat. Extra fat tissue causes a relative insulin deficiency and diabetes. For an adult glass of milk a day is enough.

Products that can lead to diabetes: sweets. Those who can not live without the sweet, you need to look for options useful titbits that can provide the body with vitamins, minerals and fiber. The consumption of sweets, which are devoid of these components, causing an “explosive” rise in blood sugar.

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