5 conditions to overcome the dependence on sweet

5 conditions to overcome the dependence on sweet

Sweet tooth can quickly become a dependence, to overcome which will be very difficult. Nutritionists talked about what conditions need to be followed to cope with the habit of constantly eating sweets, and start to control your consumption of sugar.

Condition first: it is enough to sleep. If you sleep less than the recommended 7-8 hours, in the course of the day after that craving for food becomes stronger and the dependence on sweet hardened. The man who sleeps little, one glance sweet enough that the brain activated receptors, which will not let you forget about it.

Condition two: carefully read food labels.Sugar can do to your body from “hidden” sources put it even in bread. Most try to refuse sweet foods with sugar, otherwise to overcome the addiction will not work: the more you give the body, the more he asks.

The third condition: buy high quality sweets.They are usually small in size and weight and contain at least the healthiest ingredients. In addition, these sweets are expensive, protects from buying from a large number of overeating.

Condition four: looking for an alternative sweet. Dependence is formed faster because of the artificial flavors, so look for natural sources of sugar.

Condition five: more protein. Scientifically proven to overcome addiction to candy helps the use of protein products. Their digestion is slow enough that protects you from spikes in blood sugar. It spikes glucose levels contribute to the development of cravings for sweets.

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