Why not to make the bed immediately after waking up?

Why not to make the bed immediately after waking up?

Habit to make the bed immediately after waking up is harmful to health. Getting out of bed after a night’s sleep, give her a chance to clear my head – recommended doctors.

British doctor-hygienist Angie Mackenzie said that, enveloping the bed upon waking people in their beds create a favorable environment for active reproduction of mites and other harmful pathogens.

“Mites and bacteria love heat and humidity, which are kept in bed immediately after waking. Ticks are particularly active breed in the bed of the people who sweat heavily in the night, for example, during sleep in the summer or indoors with active heating,” – said the expert.
According to the doctor-the hygienist, mites that thrive in bedding, which absorbs the perspiration of the human body, dangerous because it can cause bouts of severe allergies. These microorganisms secrete droppings that can cause asthma attacks, conjunctivitis, allergic rhinitis and skin diseases. It is therefore not necessary to make the bed immediately after waking up and doing that, the man turns his own bed in the greenhouse on the most favorable breeding ground for mites and bacteria.

“Climbing out of bed after waking up, it is necessary to fold the blanket and ventilate the room for ten minutes,” shared the recommendation of the doctor.
In addition, hygienically correct change bed sheets at least once a week and vacuum the mattress. Pillows and blankets should be washed at least twice a year.

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