What medicine is best to treat cough?

What medicine is best to treat cough?

Cough season diseases are common, but not everyone knows how best to treat it. There are three types of cough medicines, and to understand the nuances of their use is very useful.

Properly chosen medicine should help the body without problems to get rid produced by the mucus and clear the Airways. What medicine is best to treat cough? In the practice of medicine there are three main groups of such drugs.

Antitussives. This group of cough medicine acts on the cough center in the brain, blocking signals that cause the desire to coughing. Such means are best treated painful dry cough, paroxysmal occurring several times during the day. When such expectoration of cough medicine can not be accepted. Their reception in General must be confirmed by the doctor.

Mucolytics. This type of cough medicine’s best taken in cases where leaves a thick mucus – thinning drugs and facilitate its release from it.

Expectorants. These medicines are best taken at the discharge of liquid mucus and a vibrating cough. The use of expectorant drugs speed recovery – restore the mucous membranes and relieve irritation. Specialists suggest to use medications plant-based.

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