Toilet paper: whether to trust its quality?

Toilet paper: whether to trust its quality?

Can I trust the quality of toilet paper we use? The composition of toilet paper sold throughout Russia, were investigated recently by the staff of Roskoshestvo. Experts interested in the quality as the cheapest toilet paper at 5 cents per roll and the most expensive – to 107 rubles per roll.

Often you can hear that toilet paper contains different impurities, which can penetrate the human body and harm his health. But the results of this audit suggests that in this respect the paper can be trusted: neither one coil, researchers have found hazardous substances. In any types not used lead, arsenic, chromium, zinc, and chlorine and formaldehyde, and even the cheapest toilet paper is safe for human health, assured Roskoshestvo. In addition, the experts pointed out that the recycled paper, recycled paper, safe as products from primary raw material, cellulose.

In General, the experts have investigated the quality of 30 brands of toilet paper from manufacturers from China, France, Italy, and Germany. In the end, experts concluded, that the five brands of toilet paper can claim state “quality Mark” – these are its brands, such as Zewa Exclusive ultra soft, deluxe Zewa, Papia, Familia and Benefits. The softest was recognized as the paper Zewa Exclusive ultra soft, and the most severe types were “N/a”, “a wonderful price”, “Lily”.

Also, the examination showed that single-ply toilet paper absorbs no worse layered.

Recently talking about the fact that colored and scented paper may contain chemicals that are toxic to the body – but the researchers assured that the paper can safely be trusted, toxins in it.

“Good manufacturers put fragrance into the bushing. In the manufacture of the sleeve it is inserted into the atomizer, which is a flavor, and it lands on the canvas itself,” explained one expert, chemical engineer Alexander Kagan.
In General, the quality of colored and flavored paper is not satisfactory, assured the staff departments – such paper can stain your skin and cause irritation. Products of most brands meet hygienic requirements. It is not allergenic and non-toxic dyes.

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