The Achilles tendon is a marker of heart disease

The Achilles tendon is a marker of heart disease

Japanese scientists from the Medical school of the University of Kitasato has stated that the thickness of the Achilles tendon may be a marker of heart disease. The thicker the heel, the higher the risks of developing cardiovascular diseases, said experts.

The Achilles tendon is the Achilles tendon, composed of connective tissue fibers that attach the triceps muscle of calf to the heel bone. Scientists have suggested that there is a relationship between the thickness of the Achilles tendon and atherosclerosis, vascular pathology, which is characterized by the filling of blood vessels and arteries of cholesterol plaques. A new study confirmed that this hypothesis is true.

Professionals has analyzed survey data 241 of a man, which was performed stenting of coronary arteries of the heart. As a result, they found that the thickness of Achilles tendon correlated with the risk for myocardial: the tendon thickness, the risk of heart disease higher.

“Among patients with the heel tendon with a thickness of 9 mm people with more than one blocked coronary artery had 80%, and among holders of a fine of Achilles – these were only 58%,” – said the authors of the investigation.
It is symptomatic that in the previous study also identified a link between thickening of Achilles and heart problems. Conducted his researchers came to the conclusion that the increase in Achilles tendon due to deposition of cholesterol is a marker of coronary heart disease.

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