Tea with hawthorn improves heart health

Tea with hawthorn improves heart health

Hawthorn ripen in the autumn, on the basis of preparing various infusions and concoctions, including him make tea. For the treatment of heart disease, hawthorn was used by the ancient Greeks and Romans.

The ability of hawthorn to improve heart health and facilitate the treatment of cardiovascular diseases do not doubt the doctors. Experts advise to drink tea with hawthorn a few times a week. To prepare this tea in enamel container poured 2 tablespoons of hawthorn fruit, pour half a liter of boiling water, simmering on low fire for not more than seven minutes. After this, the tank cover and infuse for five minutes.

Useful properties of tea with hawthorn:
– has a vasodilating effect;
– activates cerebral circulation;
– improves heart rhythm;
– strengthens the walls of blood vessels;
– reduces the concentration of cholesterol in the blood;
lowers sugar level in the blood;
– restores the digestion.

Those who want tea with hawthorn to improve heart health, drink it three times a day. The effect of this habit is cumulative.

Tea with hawthorn can also be used as a sedative and drinking for better sleep, insomnia. Side effects of hawthorn are not.

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