Stem cell donors are: you must note, if you want to live save Video

Stem cell donors are: you must note, if you want to live save Video

Every 15 minutes a man of blood cancer in Germany – donors are needed. But misinformation and misconceptions around the topic scare off many potential donors. So it’s time to clear the myths out of the way and to bring light to the topic.

So you are a donor with the DKMS.

Katharina Zech, founder of "AIAS", answered in the Video, the most important questions around the topic of stem cell and bone marrow donation. Here are the main Details are as follows:

How old is the donor allowed to be?

Between the ages of 17 and 55 years, a registration is possible, a stem cell donation from the 18. up to the 60. Years of age.

How likely is it to become a blood donor?

1:20000 up to one to several million, due to the different combinations of the tissue characteristics.
Approximately 1 % of all Registered donations.

The registration cost anything?

No one has to bear the costs of registration itself. Since DKMS is dependent, however, at this point completely on donations of money can be involved from each according to ability to the cost.

How is donated and what are the risks of the donation entails?

– Peripheral stem cell donation (about 80%): similar to a blood donation; it is previously injected with a growth factor

Risks: flu-like symptoms

Bone marrow donation is under General anesthesia

Risks: Anesthesia Risk