Smiling depression: a history of celebrities Likar.Info

Smiling depression: a history of celebrities Likar.Info

Steve Bartlett, a 25-year-old CEO of the global Agency social networking Social Chain, he turned to his audience (772 thousands of subscribers and only Facebook) with a touching video message, entitling him Smiling through depression? (And you smile through the depression?). He touched on very important and topical subject, so we decided to publish the translation of treatment that each of you thought about the words spoken by Steve, and maybe already began to change his life, and the lives of loved ones, the better.

When I first saw Avici on stage, I thought I would give anything to be them for even a minute. He seemed the happiest man on the planet. He had everything: travel, interesting life, speeches in front of thousands of people, success! But sometimes what we see is very different from reality. Success, money, travel and even smile talking about the happiness of man. Sometimes what we show the world, just the mask, which helps to survive another day. Avici as it turned out, suffered from depression and often thought about the meaning of life, what made his nesamovite that occurred on April 20, 2018.

When I first saw Robin Williams, I thought, he Must be the happiest person on the planet!. I laughed at his performances to colic. He seemed to be constantly joking, laughing and fooling around. The characters in cartoons, movies and Comedy are simply the best! But mental illnesses don’t care how successful you are. And to be fun, not meant to be happy. For Robin Williams Comedy has become a wall behind which he hid his sadness with a mask that will helped to make people laugh, covering his own pain. It turned out, most of my life, the actor struggled with depression and paranoia, which caused him to hang himself on his own belt at the age of 63 years.

When we see the car sign Child in the salon or Disabled driving,automatically activated special care and attention. We turn down the speed and give the driver more space to maneuver, because we know that inside the machine there is someone vulnerable. Would we be as considerate, if you would not sign? With full confidence I can say that no!

The bitter truth is that we don’t know what the point of life is living a person, because people don’t glue on them, telling about their difficulties. You will never see the passers-by sign I are going through a divorce, I lost the baby, I’m depressed or I was diagnosed with cancer. If we can recognize these States, we would treat the people kinder. So why wait sign?

Each of us at least once in their life experienced a painful period. Very often the pain behind the smile that covers our vulnerability. Regardless of whether we know what is happening with a person or not, we need to treat all people like we see those warning signs.

Mental illness is not always manifested outwardly. You can have all the benefits of peace, but they will not bring you happiness. And it’s not because you are hard to please or you don’t know how to appreciate what you have, the main reasons for this pain, sadness and depression. We often think that we would be much happier if they lived the life of another person, not knowing that the people we want to be, suffer so much that you do metallogenetic with someone sometimes.

I have had depression. I wanted someone just shook me and told me that everything will be fine. I was really at the bottom.

Dwayne Johnson

I hit the depression, anxiety, self-loathing. Sometimes it was so painful that I banged my head against the tree to knock it all out.

Cara Delevingne

I have had depression. I didn’t eat anything. Stayed in my room. It was a very difficult and lonely period of life. I always wondered: Who am I?. Over time, I ceased to understand where I am and what day it is. My mom still tells me to care about her mental state.


I felt really bad, I was almost all the time near to the edge. I couldn’t help myself, even when carried out their duties. Not just during formal events I’d get a wave suddenly a wave of rage and aggression that I could punch someone.

Prince Harry

Perhaps the solution to this problem is very simple kindness. Kindness is not only something that you can share with others. According to Buddhist psychology, to be happy, you have to be good to yourself. We use two voices: the voice we speak with others, and a voice that keep hearing in my head. Sometimes that voice is critical, pessimistic and negative, and sometimes he is very confident, intelligent and positive than the kinder voice, the happier person who hears it.

Kindness to yourself is not a tool that will help you to get rid of pain or to manipulate your emotions. Kindness to yourself helps detect the pain and not bury it deeper in yourself. It helps you to realize that we are all equally imperfect, so it is important to talk with them with understanding and care. It teaches us that hard times is part of the experience of all mankind, not just our own.

As for the other, often the cause of negative attitudes towards others is our own pain, envy, resentment and anger. We treat people badly because also apply to yourself. If every voice in the world has become kinder, including the voice in your head, everything would change. So if you want to change the world, start with loving yourself!