Sleeping 18 hours a day the girl having nightmares

Sleeping 18 hours a day the girl having nightmares

19-year-old girl has every reason to call himself the Sleeping beauty, although it is unlikely she will get pleasure from it.She has to sleep 18 hours a day and suffer from nightmares due to neurological disorders that occur with frequency one in one million.

A student from California, Jane Butler can turn into a real zombie for up to two months due to a neurological disease that occurs with a frequency of one in a million. Last year, the 19-year-old girl slept through Thanksgiving and Christmas due to the fact that in that moment she had just manifested episodes of this disease. Doctors diagnosed Jane syndrome, Klein-Levin, which is also often called the Sleeping beauty syndrome, as it plunges its victims into a state of deep sleep for a very long period. Although the phrase “Sleeping beauty” sounds very romantic, Jane says that her life is far from fairytale. In this disorder there is absolutely nothing beautiful.

When the syndrome of Klein-Levine begins to show itself, then Jane can sleep 18 hours a day and still suffer from terrible nightmares. But even in those rare hours when she’s awake, Jane is in a state of confusion. She had barely enough strength to crawl to the bathroom or get something to eat before she falls again on the bed and falls asleep. The first episode syndrome, Klein-Levin manifested itself in her in November last year, he lasted until the end of December, capturing the major American holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas.After some time, the disease does not manifest itself, but later she again struck in June, because of what Jane missed the exams at the University and a few of their dance performances. Finally to recover the normal mode it managed in August.

“I’m not Sleeping beauty, because there is nothing beautiful in my dream, no,’ says Jane. – During episodes of illness, I can’t control myself. Sometimes I sleep 18 hours a day and sometimes even longer. These dreams are very realistic. Often pleasant, but sometimes I have these nightmares, after which I Wake up in a cold sweat. My illness is incurable and I have to adapt my life to it.” (READ MORE)

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