Obesity increases the risk of cancer

Obesity increases the risk of cancer

The journal Nature Immunology has published the data obtained by scientists from Ireland and the USA, which confirm that people with obesity are much more likely to develop cancer compared to the slim. Researchers need to develop drugs to protect people with obesity from increased risk of cancer. These drugs, the scientists believe, can also help the immune system slender people actively fight tumours.

In the case of obesity the body develops characteristic inflammation, increasing levels of insulin and glucose, as well as other changes occur. Scientists have studied how all these processes affect killer cells – a calf is able to recognise and destroy cancer cells. An experiment on mice, where for a long time fed fatty food, showed that obesity prevents the emergence of new “killer”: it turned out that fat cells block the receptors which allow the calves to recognize cancer cells.

As a result, mice with obesity dramatically increased the risk of cancer – tumors in their bodies have grown two to three times faster than their healthy counterparts. Researchers believe that this explains why, statistically, more cancer people suffer with weight problems and obesity.

According to the collaborator of the project, Lydia Lynch from Trinity College in Dublin, to reduce the risk of cancer in obesity, needs to be reprogrammed killer cells. Scientists found chain genes, modification of which can afford to do it. According to them, this technology can “save the life of obese people suffering from tumors.”

Scientific experts say that obesity also increases the risk of diabetes because it contributes to the development of problems with metabolism.

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