Men’s take health care seriously

Men’s take health care seriously

Men are real precautionary muffle: In the year 2017, only 27 percent of men have perceived about 45, the annual cancer screening for prostate cancer, according to an analysis of insurance data of the techniker Krankenkasse (TK). World men’s day on 3. November on call doctors around the world to pay more attention to your own body and health.

Women take health care, in contrast, significantly more serious, such as the TK health report to 2018 shows that While only 27 per cent of men participated in free prostate cancer screening, are women about 20, after all, about 58 percent of that went to cancer screening. Also in the case of health-related courses, which are subsidised by health insurance, it’s not better: 77 percent of participants in the courses are women.

"By preventing many of the heart-circulation-diseases such as high blood pressure or heart attack avoid. How the TK health report shows, for men are still the risk of disease no 1,” says Dr. Sabine Voermans, the health expert of the TK. Already a half-hour of brisk walking a day, a balanced diet and no nicotine in carry Dr. Voermans, a large part of the Pension.

It is also important that men pay attention sting to symptoms, such as an erection, weakness, shortness of breath, or Heart. This would occur, for example, up to five years before a heart attack, erectile dysfunction, and since heart attacks in addition to psychic also often organic causes such as high blood pressure or Diabetes. The early identification of these risk factors can help to begin in a timely manner is an appropriate therapy to prevent a heart attack.