Long sleep is deadly

Long sleep is deadly

Long sleep is dangerous as it increases the risk of death, according to the survey of an international group of scientists published in the journal of the European society of cardiology. Experts have discovered a direct correlation between sleep duration and probability of death: the longer a man sleeps, the the probability is substantial.

It follows from the conclusions of scientists, long sleep can be deadly due to its ability to increase the risk of death from diseases of the cardiovascular system. According to researchers, sleep duration, safe for health, must not exceed eight hours a day. The minimum threshold scientists believe six hours of sleep.

In favor of this decision scientific experts say the results of the analysis of data collected during eight years of observations of longitude and sleep quality more than 116 thousand people aged 35 to 70 years of the seven regions of the world.

“Sleep 8 to 9 hours a day increases the risk of death by 5%. More long sleep, from 9 to 10 hours, the same increase the risk by 17%, sleep more than 10 hours by 41%,” – said the scientists found patterns confirming the danger of a long sleep.
The study also showed that daytime sleep is really able to compensate for a felt lack of sleep in the case when he’s sleeping less than 6 hours. According to Medicforma, lack of sleep is also dangerous, in particular, that undermines the ability of the cardiovascular system and causes the development of physiological processes in the body, leading to heart attacks and strokes.

Recently, the Russian sleep Aleksei Katyshev has declared that the working people must sleep during the day because NAPs help the brain to “reboot” and easier to cope with the work. The expert stressed that NAPs should not be long.