In Morozovskaya hospital to rescue 13-year-old girl performed a unique operation

In Morozovskaya hospital to rescue 13-year-old girl performed a unique operation

At the Morozov hospital conducted a unique operation 13-year-old girl with an aneurysm of the artery. The operation was attended by 27 doctors and it lasted 10 hours. Now the life of a young female patient in safety.

Thirteen-year-old Vika unwittingly became a real star in the world of children’s cardiac surgeons. Three months ago, when my mom was in the Pushkin Museum, she has bad stomach ache, peredaet Center.The pain was unbearable.

Neither the paramedics nor the hospital specialists are unable to understand immediately what’s going on. A preliminary diagnosis of an aneurysm of the superior mesenteric artery was confirmed by angiography. The result diagnosis of all puzzled. After all, this pathology is found only in adults.

Unusual was that there was a complete separation of the superior mesenteric artery. And in its mouth – the place where to press it. Therefore, non-standard types of transactions that were executed and which is used in adult patients, integrating in this case was impossible, – said the head of the Department of emergency cardiology and interventional cardiology hospital Michael Abrahamian.

For two weeks doctors and family Vicki was under severe strain. An aneurysm with a length of 6 cm was like a time bomb. Pulsating hematoma was not bleeding only because of the wall of the peritoneum. But at any moment it could start bleeding. Surgeons searched for similar cases not only in the Russian practice, but also foreign colleagues. But effective methods there was none. And then the doctors decided to act as they see fit. Endovascular surgeons not only to monitor the progress of the operation on the x-ray monitor, but also inflated a special balloon to stop blood flow into the aneurysm.

If it were not for this hybrid approach, then, on opening the aneurysm, we would have massive bleeding which could be fatal. And this technique allowed us to obtain a few minutes to find the mouth of the ruptured artery and to start the formation of the anastomosis, – said Abrahamyan.

In the end, after a 10-hour surgery is an aneurysm in the Wiki vascular prosthesis. Now Vick is the follow-up examination. But in no way limited. And doctors proud to say is healthy.

For doctors hospital this case as a test. Thanks to the coordinated work of different specialists they stood.

Ekaterina Gogoleva, Andrew Talalay, TV Center

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