How to protect the child from atopic dermatitis

How to protect the child from atopic dermatitis

Kids possess sensitive skin, which makes them vulnerable to such disorders as atopic dermatitis. The doctors gave some tips on how to confront this phenomenon.

We should start with the fact that the majority of varieties of skin rashes in children are harmless and the rash cleared itself over time without any external influences. However, in some situations the condition of the skin become chronic, they require treatment. Atopic dermatitis or atopic eczema is such disorders, and in the world, it suffers from up to 20% of all children. If your child was faced with atopic dermatitis, you must follow some strict rules:

Avoid hard soap. Only use baby products that contain herbal medicines and special formulas for delicate skin. Suitable natural ingredients like aloe Vera, almond oil, milk and olive oil.

Avoid hot baths and long soul. The water temperature should be comfortable for the baby – not too hot and not too cold. The fact that hot water dries the skin. The duration of the bath should not exceed 15 minutes. Do not RUB baby’s skin with a towel, as it were, primakovite them.

Trim baby nails. Follow the children’s nails and cover the areas of the skin that provokes scratching, special armbands for the baby scratched. Otherwise skin irritation will increase, you may get a infection.

Moisturize the skin. Immediately after bath, apply to baby’s skin gentle moisturizing lotion or cream that contains natural ingredients.

Use comfortable clothes. Loose clothing made of cotton makes the baby’s life more comfortable, and wool or synthetic fibers overheat the body, causing atopic dermatitis is getting worse. (READ MORE)