How can I get a Covid test?

How can I get a Covid test?

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Covid tests are no longer free in the UK for most people, and only some are eligible for lateral flow or PCR tests on the NHS.

PCR tests are particularly rare these days, and only select groups of people can receive free lateral flow tests.

You’ll be able to get free Covid tests if you’re going into hospital, or if you work in the NHS.

Tests will also be available to people working in care homes, if you’re a social worker, or a personal assistant.

You can order your free Covid tests online at GOV.UK.

If you’re not eligible for free tests, you can still get your hands on some Covid tests – but you’ll have to pay for them.

Lateral flow tests will be available for sale in some highstreet stores, including Boots and Superdrug, or online.

A pack of four Covid lateral flow tests costs about £8, depending on where you buy them.

Covid tests are generally all pretty similar in their design.

Lateral flow tests will come with a small vial, liquid, a swab, and a test strip.

Simply brush the swab at the back of your throat, and then wipe the inside of your nose.

Pop the swab into the vial of liquid, swish it around for a few minutes, and then place a few drops of the liquid onto the test strip.

It’s important to report the results of your Covid test to the NHS; whether it’s positive or negative.

It allows the government to track the number of cases across the country.

There are currently no legal restrictions on self-isolation – even if you test positive for Covid.

However, you might want to consider limiting your exposure to other people if you’re infectious.

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