Help in the decision for or against SURGERY

Help in the decision for or against SURGERY

The Institute for quality and efficiency in health care (IQWiG ) has published for uterus-distances and almond-OPs decision-making AIDS. In addition to the second opinion of another physician this information to make brochures, it is easier for patients of different opinions and treatment options to weigh up. With your help, the Patient can make the best decision for or against SURGERY.

Since the end of 2018, there is a Directive, according to the Doctors their patients need to point out, that this can obtain particular predictable operations free of charge, get a second opinion from another independent specialist. First of all, this Directive shall apply to operations in tonsillitis and uterine reductions.

In many diseases, several treatment options are available. The consultation of Doctors can be very different: While a more conservative or cautious treated, advises a number of other potentially to surgery. Also, the Situation of the patient may influence the decision for or against surgery.

The second opinion process is to ensure that patients can continue in peace with the various possibilities that are available to you. To support for decision-making, the Institute for quality and efficiency in health care has created a total of six decision-making AIDS, which are regularly updated. There, patients will find a notice on further treatment options.

Klaus Koch, head of the Department of health information in the IQWiG thinks of the new offer: "Even if the second opinion process is behind these orders, it would be useful to our decision-making AIDS at the ‚ersten‘ To take account of opinion."


  • A decision-making aid to almond operations
  • A decision-making aid to Hysterectomies

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