“Have the nose and mouth”: a man gets after a suicide attempt, new face

“Have the nose and mouth”: a man gets after a suicide attempt, new face

Cameron Underwood wanted to end his life. The 26-year-old man from California shot himself in the face and survived. Today, he has a very normal face.

After the relationship with his high school girlfriend had gone to pieces, fell, Cameron Underwood is in a deep hole. He pulled back, broke the contact to his friends and began to drink, such as “Metro” reports. He suffered then years of depression.

In June 2016, he decided that he wanted to not live anymore and shot himself with a gun himself in the head. Of his face, only the forehead, eyeballs and tongue were left. Nevertheless, he survived.

A donor should not give Cameron a new face

His mother spent 160 days in his bed and lived in this time in a camping car in the Parking lot of the hospital.

Eduardo Rodriguez of the clinic, New York University Langone Health learned of the case and wanted to help Cameron. 18 months after his suicide attempt was found to be a suitable donor, Cameron was able to give a new face to the clinic writes on its Website.

“I will forget you never!”

Being a donor to Fisher, who had died after a long battle with a mental illness Want. He was about Cameron’s age, and will’s mother, Sally Fisher of the donation agreed.

“Will and his family have brought an incredible sacrifice to me to give back what was lost. I’ll never forget this,” said Cameron, according to “Metro”.

The Operation lasted 25 hours

To Cameron’s restore face again, used the Doctors use a 3D printer to model the structure and the structure of the face. “Advances in medical technology allow us to identify the donor and the recipient faster and to make operations safer and more efficient,” said Rodriguez.

The Operation lasted 25 hours. A Team of 100 Doctors and hospital staff was involved under the direction of Eduardo Rodriguez.

With his new face, he can even make a Skydive from 15,000 m altitude

The surgery was a complete success, and Cameron, wanted to show before, only with a mask towards other people, can lead a halfway normal life. “I have a nose and a mouth, so I can smile again, talk and eat,” said the 26-Year-old, according to the news portal. “I’m so happy with the result.”

“I love to be outside, to do sports and to spend time with my family,” says Cameron. “I hope I can be back at work soon and one day have a family of your own.”

With his new face, Cameron could even make a Skydive when he jumped from 15.000 meters of altitude, without that he took damage. “The journey was not easy, but it was definitely worth it,” said Cameron, according to “Metro”.