Hair loss: New drug should let your hair grow again

Hair loss: New drug should let your hair grow again

If the hair is falling out, men can sit and watch mostly passively. While there is some means by which the hair loss can be reduced to stop he was so far, however. The changes now may – researchers at the University of Manchester put your hope now in a drug against osteoporosis.

New hope for involuntary bald head carrier

In the new Study, the researchers find that a drug against osteoporosis hair stimulates growth in the follicles. This could open up in the future, new ways to regenerate the hair on the head.

For the study, the donor follicles from the hair transplants of more than 40 patients were tested and six days, with the active ingredient against osteoporosis treated. As the researchers in the journal “Public Library of Science Biology explain, attack the connection with the designation of WAY-316606 is a Protein which the hair growth is reduced normally.

Central with Potential

The new medium had so far never been considered for the treatment of hair loss into consideration, and have, therefore, great Potential, says study author Dr. Nathan Hawkshaw. One day, people with hair loss could benefit from the drug, until then, more clinical studies are needed.

Judith Kerstgens

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