Fish oil protects against premature birth

Fish oil protects against premature birth

Australian scientists have found a simple way to protect pregnant women from the risk of the birth of premature infants, reported the Daily Mail. Experts have found that helps prevent premature birth fish oil.

Scientists do not advise expectant mothers to eat fish and seafood. According to them, in this kind of foods with high probability it can hold different pollutants, parasites, and mercury. Experts say that fish oil should be consumed as such – this, say experts, not only less dangerous in comparison with seafood, but also more useful.

A study by Australian scientists showed that preterm birth to protect fatty acids omega-3 contained in fish oil.

“Daily dosage of long-chain fatty acids omega-3 from 500 to 1 000 mg reduces the risk of premature baby born at less than 37 weeks 11%. Also these acids 42%. reduce the risk of birth of preterm infants at less than 34 weeks,” – said the authors about the effect of fish oil.
Exactly how fish oil protects against premature birth? This ability scientists explain the effect of fish oil on “rampaging” hormones in pregnant women. The fat is not a measure of active hormones “calm down”, which reduces the risk of birth of a premature baby.

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