Days missing: father of a family has to show up no more memories

Days missing: father of a family has to show up no more memories

Five days a family was missing a father from Mönchengladbach without a trace. Now he is back, seems to have lost his memory. A shock for the family and a puzzle for the neurologists.

24. January, everything seemed normal. Jürgen N. broke out around six o’clock in the morning to work. There he was, however, never. In the case of a search assistant and found only the mobile phone, and work bag, the 55-Year-old in his unlocked car at the edge of a main road.

Five days after his Disappearance, a woman in Hamburg, the Missing person’s attention and called the police. Jürgen N. seemed confused, and reported the “WAZ” and was immediately cared for in a hospital medically. The man was healthy – but he could remember nothing more, and don’t recognize even his family. A shock to the and a puzzle for the neurologists.

Very little evidence – investigators and family are stumped

Also, investigators are stumped. They found only a receipt from a supermarket from the city center of Dortmund in the jacket pocket of the family-father’s – the date was the day of his disappearance. Investigation of the family, he should also have in the vicinity a Cup of coffee to drink.

Several people, including an employee of a homeless facility, and a railway employee have to remember in addition to the 55-Year-old. However, many clues are not.

Behaviour of the Missing person does not fit to a complete loss of memory

Professor Richard Dodel, chief physician of the Essen geriatric care centre house mountains, said: “shopping is a complex activity.” The trip to Hamburg will require “high cognitive performance”. This would not fit to the neurologist, to a complete loss of memory.

Dodel has several theories of a “global”, that is, a full amnesia: an epileptic seizure, for example, disorders of blood circulation in the brain, or even a massive influence of alcohol or drugs. The latter should not have taken the Patient is not aware of or even. The neurologist, several cases are known in which the consciousness of the Affected for several hours up to three days, was clouded. “But five days arg length seem to me to be,” added Dodel.

The family &quot goes;of a serious crime aus"

Also, a serious blow might have caused, according to Dodel, the loss of memory. Such violations of the family father, however, had. Nevertheless, the family is “a serious crime” and filed already a complaint for false imprisonment and serious bodily injury. The police are investigating Mönchengladbach.

However, since there is little evidence of that, the family continues to be on information of the population. “Every tip can be important to us, just so we can clarify the mysterious case,” wrote the son on Facebook. “We would like to have a solution.”