Communicating with people of higher position undermines the health

Communicating with people of higher position undermines the health

Communication with people of a higher status encourages frequent health problems; and the social studies that were both conducted in the United States, Taiwan and China. Scientific opinion on how it may undermine the health awareness of the social superiority of other people, published in the journal Science Direct.

Scientists said that each person has a personal network of acquaintances, including family members, friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues. Thus happens contacts people belonging to different social groups. Critical perception of their own social status and the nature of the relationship with representatives of higher social groups can have a direct impact on the health and human life, the researchers noted. The smaller the distance in social status of people during the communication, the lower the level of stress they are experiencing.

At the same time, scientists have discovered a negative consequence to health from contact with people of higher social status. Observations suggest that communication with people of higher position undermines the health, causing various problems with it – in particular, such as increased anxiety, a sense of personal failure.

“Comparing yourself with more successful acquaintances not in their favor, which leads to bad habits,” noted scientific experts.
Prior to this, scientists from the University of Virginia it was concluded that chronic lack of money at the person is often develop insomnia, stress, depression, and even there may be bouts of physical pain.

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