Children of smokers are more susceptible to squint

Children of smokers are more susceptible to squint

According to research Chinese experts science and technology University in Wuhan, the children of women who smoke are more frequently exposed to strabismus. The researchers found that the risk to have strabismus in children of smokers is 1.5 times higher compared to offspring of non-Smoking women, reported the journal Acta Ophthalmologica.

Chinese scientists analyzing data collected in twenty research projects with monitoring of the health of almost five thousand infants and adolescents with strabismus and 80 thousand healthy children. Trying to understand what factors contribute to the appearance of disorders in the eye, they found that one of the most important mechanisms in the emergence in children strabismus may be habits of mothers. In particular, the study showed that children of smokers are often exposed to strabismus.

“The risk of developing strabismus in children of women vucurevich less than ten cigarettes a day, increased by about 17%, while the more avid smokers it was increased to 80%,” stated the scientists.
They stressed that the relationship between strabismus and addiction to tobacco was confirmed for women from different economic and social groups.

In recent years scientists have found other negative effects for the health of future generations of smokers. Different studies have demonstrated that tobacco smoke inhaled by a woman, changes the structure of the protein “packaging” the DNA of her child. Children of smokers are more prone to autism, obesity, asthma and other diseases, said experts.

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