Caffeine during pregnancy affects the size of the child

Caffeine during pregnancy affects the size of the child

Study research workers, University College Dublin revealed: the fascination of coffee or tea during pregnancy can affect the size of your child. Women who in large quantities, caffeine (respectively, drink a lot of tea or coffee), more at risk of having a baby with low weight, the researchers found.

In the study, experts analyzed medical data 941 of the baby, as well as the mothers. Thus it was established that the abundance of caffeine in the diet of women during pregnancy influences the size of the child she carries. We also found out that mothers the main source of caffeine was tea, whereas coffee was only for him. already on the second place.

Evidence shows that even small amounts of caffeine consumed during pregnancy may adversely affect the size of a newborn baby.

“Every extra 100 mg of caffeine (half of a Cup of coffee) that are daily consumed by women during the first trimester of pregnancy, reduced the weight of the newborn at 72 grams,” stated the authors.
In some infants with low weight is also observed low percentage of sugar in the blood, and this phenomenon of hypoglycemia can even lead to brain damage. Also a child with low birth weight more frequently exposed to anaemia, and other complications.

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