Belly fat threatens to diseases of the heart and blood vessels

Belly fat threatens to diseases of the heart and blood vessels

Researchers from Imperial College London called the accumulation of fat in the abdomen is the most dangerous for the condition of the heart and blood vessels. Even with normal body weight concentration of belly fat a person faces the development of heart attack and stroke, – is the opinion of scientists in MedicalXpress.

“Belly fat “guilty” in the development of cardiovascular diseases,” – noted experts.
Scientists examined data from the European society of cardiology (ESC), indicating that the majority of people faced with heart disease and blood vessels in the form of a stroke or heart attack, had problems with excess weight. Intrigued by the statistics of cardiovascular pathologies in slim people, experts have discovered a pattern: the risk of data breaches increased in Association with deposits of belly fat.

Experts have been taken into account influencing the likelihood of heart disease and vascular factors such as blood pressure, blood sugar and physical activity, peculiarities of the diet of the people. Given these parameters, the correlation between belly fat and an increased probability of cardiovascular diseases is still preserved.

“64% of people with accumulated belly fat was at risk,” stated the authors.
Accumulation of fat in the abdominal area has a specific nature: unlike adiposis has in the other zones located on the abdominal fat cells tend to increase in size. The most dangerous is visceral fat, which is concentrated around the vital organs inside the abdominal cavity.

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