Became known the most useful for women simple diet

Became known the most useful for women simple diet

Experts from Harvard medical school and Harvard school of public health named Chan found that a Mediterranean diet high in plant foods and limited amounts of meat and sweets, not only can effectively deal with excess weight, but also reduces by 25% the risk of cardiovascular disease in women.

The work of scientists based on research involving more than 25 thousand of the fairer sex. Monitoring their health lasted for 12 years.

As reported Eurekalert, the research team also figured out why a common power supply system so useful for the organism, studied a group of 40 biomarkers associated with the development of heart disease.

– Our new work suggests that even small changes in known risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, especially associated with inflammation, glucose metabolism and insulin resistance, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. This is very important data for primary prevention of dangerous diseases, explained the doctors.

In addition, the Mediterranean diet can be quite simple. So, Breakfast may consist of the usual eggs, tomatoes, lunch and dinner – salad with chicken or fish. Permitted garnishes of pasta durum, cereals, legumes and baked potatoes. Refills it is better to use olive (or Flaxseed) oil. It is recommended to pamper yourself during the day fruit snacks.