Air pollution in the house at risk billions of people

Air pollution in the house at risk billions of people

Almost three billion people, especially in Asia and Africa are exposed to serious health risks, experts will be reporting in the British journal “The Lancet Respiratory Medicine”. You can use wood or coal for cooking, Heating and as a light source.

Smoke contains, in addition to soot, many other harmful Compounds

These fuels were often burned in open fires or in simple Stoves, so that the air will be polluted in poorly ventilated rooms, writes the Team led by Stephen Gordon of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine in the U.K. and William Martin from Ohio State University in the USA. The smoke contains, in addition to soot, many other for the body of harmful Compounds, causing respiratory tract irritation or cancer, for example.

Analyses in India have shown that in some areas, the air in the house was worse than outside. The pollution was there, therefore, three times higher than in a typical street in London and was thus significantly above the recommended limits of the world health organization (WHO). Also, mold and cigarette smoke could affect the quality of the breathing air. According to estimates, in 2010, had died about 3.5 to 4 million people as a result of the air pollution in the house.

Inflammation of the lungs, Asthma or lung cancer

600 to 800 million families worldwide are at risk, for example, of pneumonia, Asthma or lung cancer, warn scientists. Especially living in poverty affects women and children. The international community do not sufficiently against air pollution in the household. Smoke-free cookers and solar systems are a possible solution, but might need to be at least as effective, efficient, and durable as the conventional methods in the Region. Otherwise, an expensive failure, threatens the Team stresses. The analysis of the "Bill & Melinda Gates"-Foundation co-financed.