7 mistakes in treating colds

7 mistakes in treating colds

Therapists argue that many of the methods which people used to fight with the cold, in fact, wrong. Doctors told about the mistakes often are made in the treatment of rhinitis.

Error 1: long application of a vasoconstrictor. Experts remind that the maximum period of time during which it is possible to apply these drugs is 5 days. With prolonged use the body’s immune response to infection is reduced and the vessels cease to respond. Long to use drops in the nose can cause loss of smell.

Error 2: do not treat a runny nose at all. Opponents of the “medicinal chemistry” believe that the organism itself should cope with the disease. But the failure of treatment of rhinitis is a mistake. In this case, it can easily be complications, a person runs the risk of sinusitis, sinusitis and other diseases of the sinuses, which may spread to all of the ENT organs in close proximity to each other.

Error 3: random use of folk remedies. Doctors urge when cold and not buried in the nose onion juice or other such “home remedies”. Onion juice can burn the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity, to destroy her beneficial microflora and damage the main olfactory receptors. Also need to be careful with essential oils – many of them are allergens.

Error 4: to warm the nose during a cold
. Warming the sinuses increases the temperature in this area that only able to enhance inflammation and proliferation of pathogenic organisms.

Error 5: to wash the nose. The liquid, which was washed with a nose, can get into various departments of otolaryngology and thus spread the infection. Besides saline solutions eluted from the body with beneficial microflora – too frequent washing can make the body more vulnerable to infections.

Error 6: the use of antibiotics. These medications can help only in case if the sniffles are caused by bacteria, otherwise antibiotics can cause significant harm. Antibiotics generates resistant microorganisms addictive. To use these drugs should be strictly on prescription in special cases.

Error 7: tissue handkerchiefs. According to doctors, acute rhinitis these scarves turn into a real hotbed of infection.

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